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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
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Canine Genetic Preservation

Canine Genetic Preservation

Toolkit of Technologies - Tissue Preservation! The initial tissue preservation is the most vital step; without which many of the other technologies would not be possible… Samples of somatic cells for example, such as skin, can go on to be used for cloning, IPSCs, genetic testing, breed analysis, and many other future breeding technologies! SAVE THE DATE for our Rare Breeds Dog Day - 25/03/2023 Register for our in person and virtual event now! Learn more about animal genetic preservation and cloning at Gemini Genetics here - Learn more about canine fertility at Elite Kennel Fertility here -…

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Equine Cloning

Equine Cloning! Clone Your Elite Equine Today!

Welcome to Gemini Genetics – the UK’s first dedicated domestic animal genetic preservation company – partnered with world leading cloning company, ViaGen Pets & Equine. Through our exclusive partnership, we offer equine owners & breeders with the opportunity for the next generation in equine breeding - Cloning  – By recreating the complete genetic set of a proven performance horse, you are providing the clone with the same proven genetic building blocks to achieve the same success as the original horse.  More and more people are now cloning their elite performance horses, once in a lifetime equine, breeding mares with invaluable…

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Gemini Genetics Christmas Competition

Christmas Competition! Have You Entered?

With December just around the corner, Gemini Genetics are preparing for another Xmas competition giveaway! In kind partnership with our associated pet artist Hazel Dawn Illustrations 1 lucky winner will receive a free pet portrait!! Lovingly and beautifully created by Hazel Dawn Illustrations! All you have to do to enter is like and share our FB post and follow our FB pages!! Look out for our competition launch coming soon!! Thank you to Hazel Dawn Illustrations for your kind support this Xmas! #xmas #xmascompetition #christmas #christmas2022 #christmascompetition #petlovers #christmasgift #christmasmarket #christmaslights #christmasiscoming #christmasgiftideas #christmasgiveaway #giveaway #petart #petartist #pets #christmasshopping #christmascountdown…

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Equine Performance Cloning In Action!

Equine Performance Cloning in Action! Can I Clone My Horse!

Meet Sjors HF! A clone of the world-renowned Sagacious HF! Representing the USA, Sagacious has won multiple gold medals for countless riders! He made appearances at the Pan-American games, Aachen (U25 division), Nations Cup Tour across Europe, and has even competed in the Grandprix for almost 16 years. Competing in Denmark, Sweden, England, Canada, France, Germany and more, this amazing horse was certainly talented! And now, with his amazing new clone, there can be many more successful years to come! For more information about genetic preservation and cloning visit the Gemini Genetics website - Visit our US partners ViaGen…

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Charity Natures SAFE

Event Announcement! Charity Nature’s SAFE

Event Announcement! Charity Nature's SAFE Our sister charity Nature's SAFE is heading over to the Natural History Museum, London on February 23rd, 2023, for an education fundraiser! Featuring a line up of expert talks, with keynote speaker Sir Ranulph Fiennes, this event is a great opportunity to learn more about what Nature's SAFE are doing to Save Animals From Extinction  Tickets available at: For domestic animal genetic preservation and cloning visit the Gemini Genetics website - #extinction #animals #endangered #cryopreservation #conservation #environmental #wildlife #science #charity #nature #nonprofit #fundraising #climatechange #research #biodiversity #biobanking #cryoconservation #friday #events #NSatNHM

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Stallion AI Services Facebook live

Stallion AI Services Facebook Live!

Lunchtime Live with Stallion AI Services & Gemini Genetics! Super proud of our Gemini Genetics placement student Ellelouise Bates! Here appearing on #FacebookLive for the first time and showcasing the work done at Gemini Genetics! At Gemini Genetics, we not only preserve cat, dog and equine skin samples for cloning! But we also help to Save Animals From Extinction by helping our associated charity, Nature's SAFE. Learn more about the genetic preservation & cloning services of Gemini Genetics here! Thank you to our placement student for your ongoing and fantastic work! Ellelouise is a Bioveterinary Science student from Harper…

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Rare breed dogs

Toolkit of Technologies – Savour Our Canine Rare Breeds!!

The rate at which we are losing some of our beloved canine breeds is truly saddening, these beautiful dogs need our help now more than ever! That’s why we are teaming up with our sister company, Elite Kennel Fertility, to host a Rare Breeds Dog Day, Using Science to Save Our Breeds. Within which, we will showcase a toolkit of current and future technologies available to help save rare breed animals from extinction. – // Register for our in person and virtual event now! Learn more about animal genetic preservation and cloning at Gemini Genetics here - Learn…

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Clone your Horse

Happy World Horse Day!!!

Did you know there are 340 different horse breeds in the world today! Some have been around for centuries, whilst many have only recently been developed in the last couples of decades. Did you also know you can now clone your horse!? With the process starting from just £400!?! Gemini Genetics is a UK based animal genetic preservation company, partnered with world leading cloning company, ViaGen Pets, meaning UK and European equine owners can now access industry leading cloning technology. Allowing you to recreate an international superstar or just bring back that once in a lifetime horse or pony. Watch…

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Cat Cloning?

Cat Cloning! Clone your cat with Gemini Genetics & ViaGen Pets & Equine!

Our US partner ViaGen Pets and Equine have a lovely visitor with them! Meet Belle, a healthy and beautiful cloned cat! If you are based in the UK or Europe and are interested in cloning contact us at Gemini Genetics! Making cloning accessible! Follow many other successful client stories on the ViaGen Website - #Clone #science #cat #dog #horses #animals #WeAreBetterWithPets #friday

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Natures SAFE

Nature’s SAFE

At Gemini Genetics, we help to Save Animals From Extinction, by supporting our associated charity Nature's SAFE. Last month, our company manager, Lucy Morgan, and Nature's SAFE founder, Tullis Matson, were kindly invited to attend a coral & fish cryopreservation workshop, hosted by the Natural History Museum and London ZSL Zoo, on behalf of Nature's SAFE. In addition to new knowledge in this unique field of cryobiology, we also bought home a 3D printer! With view of printing novel cryopreservation machines to help with exotic species indefinite and regenerative frozen preservation. So watch this space!! Learn more about the vital…

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