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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
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Cloned Przewalski’s horse

🌟🌟A World First!! The Moment The World's First Cloned Przewalski's Horse Was Born! August 6th 2020🌟🌟   At Gemini Genetics, we are proud to be a partner company to ViaGen Pets! This is the moment that the world's first cloned Przewalski's horse was born, with a domestic Quarter Horse as his surrogate. The Przewalski's horse foal, named Kurt, is now 2 years old and holds much promise for the future of the endangered Przewalski's horse species. Kurt is a clone of a Przewalski's horse that lived over 30 years ago, and so Kurt now brings back much needed genetic diversity…

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Ready, Set, Go!!! Happy Friday!

Ready, Set, Go!!! Happy Friday From Gemini Genetics!🎉🎉   We have had a very busy week at Gemini Genetics, helping pet owners preserve their pets genetics, realize their cloning dreams and not only that, but also helping to save species via our skin cell preservation technology!   Wishing you all a happy weekend! Ready, Set, Go & Enjoy! ❤🎉🎉 - UK pet genetic preservation & cloning in association with ViaGen Pets & Equine!     #pets #genetics #cats #dogs #horses #HappyFriday #happy #happydog #readysetgo #itstheweekend #weekend #itsfriday #petowners #dogbreeder #dogslife #dogsofinstagram #catstagram #catsofinsta #Common wealth #common wealth 2022…

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Exciting Announcement! New Addition to Gemini Genetics!

Exciting Announcement! New Addition to Gemini Genetics! Ellelouise is Bio-veterinary Science (BSc Hons) student at Harper Adams University and will be undertaking her placement year here at Gemini Genetics ! Our first placement student, Ellelouise, has a keen interest in animal genetics and reproduction and is looking forward to broadening her knowledge within the animal genetic preservation sector. “As a pet owner and animal lover myself, I am excited to become a member of the team here at Gemini Genetics  to help as many clients as possible preserve the genetics of their companion animals” #genetics #cloning #pets #animals #companion animals…

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Pet Loss

Pet Bereavement Education. To Help & Support Your During The Loss of Your Animal Companion  At Gemini Genetics, we understand the importance of being able to help support animal owners during the loss of their animal companions. That's why we are continually investing in pet bereavement education. Here is another recently completed course -   Thank you to the team at CEDAR Education for an insightful course on the loss of a companion animal.   Gemini Genetics - UK Pet Genetic Preservation & Cloning, in association with ViaGen Pets   #Bereavement #Bereavement Care #pet loss #pet loss…

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Resurrecting biodiversity: advanced assisted reproductive technologies and biobanking

Excited to Announce an Official Publication! Resurrecting biodiversity: advanced assisted reproductive technologies and biobanking: Reproduction & Fertility Journal! An official publication on the application of skin cell preservation and assisted reproductive technologies for the conservation and restoration of the world's rare and endangered species! Produced by our associated charity, Nature's SAFE, with contribution from our company manager at Gemini Genetics! Biobanking and conservation is a notable application of the skin cell preservation technology used at Gemini Genetics, not only for rare and endangered wild species, but also for the conservation of our rare and native animal breeds. Learn more and…

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The Love Of A Cat

'What Greater Gift Than The Love Of A Cat' (Charles Dickens)   A quote so very true to all those whose lives are enriched and comforted by our feline animal companions, to all the joy, companionship and love they provide. All given unconditionally and made just that little bit more special by their conscious decision in doing so.   Gemini Genetics - Pet Genetic Preservation & Cloning - learn more here!   #cats #catlove #catlover #catloversday #catlovers #catlovergift #catloversclub #catlife #cats #catstagram #catsofinsta #catsoftheday #catsoftheweek #kittens #catsoftiktok #catsofworld #catsofinstagram #KittenLife #kittenseason #kittensdaily #kittenlove #love #lastinglove #tuesday #tongueouttuesdays #catcloning 

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Equine Cloning!

Equine Cloning in Action! Congratulations to our partner company ViaGen Pets on another beautiful equine clone! Learn more about how you can clone your once in a lifetime horse or pony here! #horses #horsesofinstagram #horselife #cloning #equinecloning #onceinalifetime #onceinalifetimehorse #onceinalifetimepony #genetics #equinebreeding #britishbreeding #Showjumping #eventing #dressage #latesttechnology #monday #ponies #foalsof2022 #foals #foalsofinstagram #foals2022 equine cloning / clone my horse / can i clone my horse? Can i clone my horse UK? Horse cloning / once in a lifetime horse / once in a lifetime pony/ pony cloning / equine breeding / horse breeding / latest news / equine…

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Does Cloning A Horse For Performance Work?

⭐Does Cloning For Performance Work? ⭐🧬   By recreating the complete genetic set of a proven performance horse, you are providing the cloned horse with the genetic building blocks to achieve the same proven success as the original! 🧬🧬   There are now a number of cloned horses to demonstrate this concept and more coming through!   Stallion Murka’s Gem for example is a clone of legendary show jumping stallion, Gem Twist. Murka’s Gem is now at an exciting point in his breeding career where his offspring are now out on the competition circuit and showing the carry through of…

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Cell Culture @ Gemini Genetics

Cell Culture @ Gemini Genetics - The First Sign of New Life!   At Gemini Genetics, we not only preserve animal DNA, but we also culture genetic samples upon request, ready for cloning! Cell culture is the stage where we ask the preserved skin samples and the DNA within each cell to replicate, so that enough genetic resource can be created for the clone. This means cell culture is the first stage of a new life being created! And a very special new life! A genetic twin to the donor animal! #cloning   Learn more about cloning and genetic preservation…

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How Do You Clone an Animal?

How Do You Clone an Animal?   The process of cloning is actually very straightforward!   1. A skin sample is taken from the animal you wish to clone and the DNA is multiplied up in the lab.   2. An egg cell is taken from a donor animal of the same species and its genetic material is removed.   3. The DNA of the animal to be cloned is inserted into the enucleated egg cell.   4. An electrical impulse is applied to the egg that mimics the same stimulus as egg and sperm cell fusion. in this way,…

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