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Gemini Genetics Cloned Dog!

Introducing our very special cloned dog, Gem!

Gemini Genetics Cloned Dog!

Introducing our very special cloned dog, Gem!

we cloned our dog
Our cloned dog Gem

Gemini Genetics Cloned Dog Gem!

Meet Gem! Our very own cloned dog! Gem is a beautiful cocker spaniel and is proudly owned by our company director, Tullis Matson.

Our cloned dog Gem perfectly demonstrates the application and potential of dog cloning. She is happy, healthy, full of energy and character, and most importantly, shows an ever-increasing similarity to her original.

why choose Gemini Genetics
Our cloned dog Gem & the Gemini Genetics Team
Beautiful Cloned Dog Gem

Our cloned dog Gem is a very beautiful little lady. And a bit of a princess too!

Gem visiting Work

Our cloned dog Gem regularly visits the office to say hello to the team where her life began!

Gem is a daddys girl

But most importantly, our cloned dog Gem is very much a Daddy’s girl, with an inseparable and immediate bond to her human daddy.

How does dog cloning work

How we made our cloned dog Gem!

Our cloned dog Gem started her life as a skin sample taken from the ear of her original, upon her passing. The small skin sample was taken post mortem and the genetics preserved for future cloning. Some time was then taken to grieve the loss of Gem’s original.

Once everyone felt ready to begin the cloning process, the DNA in the ear skin sample was cultured – multiplied in the laboratory, to increase the amount of DNA available for dog cloning.

The genetics were then safely shipped to world leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets & Equine, who, using an encleated donor egg cell, created an embryo from Gem’s original skin cell DNA. This embryo was then carried to term via Gem’s surrogate mum, and 58 days later, Gem was born! Our very special cloned dog.

How much does it cost to clone your dog?

Dog cloning costs $50,000 USD paid in 2 instalments to our US associated and world leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets and Equine.

The initial genetic preservation carried out here in the UK at Gemini Genetics, costs just £500 + VAT, with an annual storage fee of £12 per month.

What do I need to clone my dog?

To clone your dog, we need a skin sample.

It is not possible to clone your dog from ashes, teeth, fur, hair or blood.

If your dog has passed away, the skin sample needs to be taken within 5 days of their passing and their body should be kept cool /chilled and not frozen prior to taking the skin sample. 

cloned dog gem instagram

Our cloned dog Gem updating her instagram!

Our cloned dog Gem meeting royalty!

Our cloned dog Gem meeting royalty!

Our 2 gems together

Our cloned dog Gem with our cloned horse Gem!

Our Cloned Dog Gem is now on Instagram!

Learn more about our cloned dog Gem via her very own Instagram page! She is a super busy young lady and loves being out and about, meeting new people, running with her human daddy, playing with her doggy friends and spending time with her family. She also shares her home with a cloned horse also called Gem! Stallion Murka’s Gem is a clone of legendary showjumping stallion Gem Twist.

Get to know more about our very special cloned dog Gem here:

Want to know more about dog cloning?

For more information on pet cloning, please contact Gemini Genetics!

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