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cloning for conservation

Cloning For Conservation

Cloning For Conservation: A New Approach To Wild & Endangered Species Conservation At Gemini Genetics, we are proud to be associated with ViaGen Pets who are able to use their expertise in animal cloning, not only to enable the cloning of much loved pets and equine, but to also help…

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Nature's SAFE UK Native Wildlife Conservation

UK Native Wildlife Conservation

UK Native Wildlife Conservation With the awarding of an amazing £16,000 grant provided by the Postcode Local Trust, our sister charity Nature's SAFE are now able to expand their biobanking operations to include UK native wildlife! It's not just the rhinos and tigers that are in danger of extinction! Native…

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earthshot nominee

Congratulations To Our Sister Charity! Earth Shot Prize Nominee

Congratulations To Our Sister Charity! Earth Shot Prize Nominee Hugely existing news for our sister charity Nature's SAFE as they announce they are a nominee for The Earthshot Prize 2023! Huge congratulations from Gemini Genetics! We wish you all the very best and look forward to hearing more news in…

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Cloned Przewalaki's Horse

Cloned Przewalaki’s Horse

**EXCITING UPDATE** 2ND CLONED PRZEWALAKI'S HORSE!** Through the collaborative efforts of Revive & Restore, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, and our US Partners ViaGen Pets & Equine a second Przewalaki's Horse clone was born! He is the genetic twin of the world's first ever cloned Przewalski's Horse, Kurt, who was…

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Matcher Gemini Genetics

IMT Matcher – Helping Us Help The Animals You Love!

IMT Matcher - Helping Us Help The Animals You Love! Matcher is a barcode-based electronic witnessing, labelling, scheduling, traceability and data insights system. This technology has been applied here at Gemini Genetics as well as at sister charity Nature's SAFE to keep perfect track of all the animals that come…

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Natures safe publication

Cloning In Conservation Publication!

Our sister charity Nature's SAFE have an exiting update! A scientific publication co-authored by Nature’s SAFE Chief Scientist Professor Suzannah Williams is now available to read online! Find out about the new and amazing technologies that can be used to save the future of our endangered species! - #conservation…

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Natures SAFE

Nature’s SAFE – Preserving Our Animals Future!

We at Gemini Genetics are a proud sister company of the charity Nature's SAFE, helping them in their mission Save Animals From Extinction! Using adapted methods from domestic animal cryopreservation from Gemini Genetics, Natures SAFE is able to preserve wild and endangered species tissue samples for future regenerative technologies. Creating…

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Our Sister Charity, Nature’s SAFE

At Gemini Genetics, We Help Save Animals From Extinction! Our planet is currently experiencing species loss on a mass extinction rate. Biodiversity is crucial to the existence and survival of the planet as we know it today. At Gemini Genetics, we help and support our association charity Nature's SAFE in…

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Resurrecting biodiversity

Resurrecting Biodiversity: Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Biobanking

We are excited to announce an Official Publication - Resurrecting biodiversity: advanced assisted reproductive technologies and biobanking: Reproduction & Fertility Journal. An official publication on the application of skin cell preservation and assisted reproductive technologies for the conservation and restoration of the world's rare and endangered species! Produced by our…

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Nature's SAFE

Nature’s SAFE

Do you know Gemini Genetics helps charity Nature's SAFE with the genetic preservation of rare and endangered zoo species. Our planet and its species, both plant and animal, face many significant challenges, that are not only present here and now, but are set to increase inline with the growing pressures…

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