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Pet Loss Support At Gemini Genetics!

Pet Loss Support At Gemini Genetics - Here to Help & Support During The Passing Of Your Animal Companion At Gemini Genetics, we understand the impact of losing an animal companion. Animals become part of our family, they are there for us through the happy and sad times, and they…

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Pet and Equine Cloning

ViaGen Pets & Equine, Our Partner Cloning Company. ViaGen Pets.

Did You know, at Gemini Genetics , we work with world leading pet and equine cloning company, ViaGen Pets. Allowing you to access the very best pet genetic preservation services, no matter your location. How Does It Work? Are you are interested in cloning your cat, dog, or horse to…

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How Do We Preserve Pet Genetics

How Do We Preserve Pet Genetics?

At Gemini Genetics, we indefinitely preserve your pet’s genetics for future regeneration. Our Bio Veterinary science student, Ellelouise Bates, here explains how the samples, once processed via our specialised technique, are finally preserved via liquid nitrogen storage. A temperature of -196 degrees Celsius, combined with our specialised preservation process, allows…

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pet cloning

My dog has died, what can i do? 

My dog has died, what can i do? The loss of an animal companion can be one of the hardest times in life. For a lot of people, it may not be until their dog, cat or horse has passed away, that they come across the option for pet cloning.…

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Clone a Pet

What’s It Like To Clone a Pet?

Exciting new documentary from our partner ViaGen Pets & Equine, following the cloning of Jack Russel Terrier, Elvis! A unique insight into Elvis and his owner's journey through pet cloning! Visit our facebook page for full links! Cloning Elvis, Our Favorite Jack Russell Terrier – Part 1 - The Doctor's…

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Channel 4 news

Can I Clone My Pet? Exclusive Channel 4 News Coverage!

Can i clone my pet? Watch our Channel 4 News coverage here. Just released! Great feature by Channel 4 News, featuring our laboratory for pet genetic preservation but also the work of our associated charity, Nature's SAFE! Where domestic animal genetic preservation technology is adapted and used to assist with…

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How similar are clones?

How Similar Will the Clone Be to My Pet?

Your pets clone will have the exact same genetics as your original pet. The clone will therefore have the same genetic coding to result in the same appearance and temperament as your original pet. The clone will literally be the closest possible genetic replica of your original pet, as they…

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