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pet loss

Pet Loss: Grief and Coping With Pet Loss

Pet Loss: Understanding Grief & How To Manage Your Loss Losing a pet can be an extremely challenging and deeply emotional experience. Our pets become an integral part of our families, providing comfort, companionship, and unconditional love. An intense and complex process of grieving can be triggered when they pass…

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pet cloning definition

What Is Pet Cloning?

What Is Pet Cloning? The word "cloning" refers to a variety of procedures that may be used to create biological copies that are genetically identical to the original. A clone is a copy of a substance that shares the same genetic make-up as the original. Numerous biological components, including genes,…

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gemini genetics shipping to viagen pets

Gemini Genetics – Sample Shipping to ViaGen Pets & Equine

The topic of this Technical Thursday is sample shipment to ViaGen Pets. We ship the frozen samples in tanks that are able to retain temperature, almost like a flask, however, it can maintain a temperature of around -198 degrees Celsius for up to 3 weeks! This is to make sure…

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The Pet Cloning Process

Technical Thursday- Pet cloning is easier than you think! In these simple steps an animal with the exact same DNA as your original dog can be born. Making them full genetic twins, just born at different times! The first and most vital step is completed safely here with us at…

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Gemini Genetics- What we do Wednesday

Gemini Genetics- What we do Wednesday

Launched in 2018, Gemini Genetics is one of the UK’s first animal tissue banks! Uniquely partnered with world-leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets & Equine, we offer animal tissue/cell preservation services for genetic banking purposes including dog cloning, cat cloning and horse cloning! At Gemini Genetics , we offer pet genetic…

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We Create New Life After Death!

What we do Wednesday: We create new life after death! The image you see here is an example of a cell culture at its final stage. Cell culturing is where we turn a preserved skin sample into individual cells, we then replicate these cells within a culture flask, this prepares…

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not just a dog. a clone

Not just a dog. A Cloned Dog

It’s not just a dog but a cloned dog who is loved and adored. Her beauty is absolutely unmatched Repost from Lara Gale and ViaGen Pets At Gemini Genetics , we offer pet genetic preservation services for pet cloning. UK based and starting from just £500 + VAT, our pet…

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Cloning not just for rich and famous

Cloning Not Just For The Rich & Famous

Here at Gemini Genetics, we are here for all pet and equine owners. To help you preserve the genetics of a much-loved animal companion, as well as elite performance and sport animals. Cloning is not just for the rich and famous. The majority of our clients are of average income,…

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dog genome

The Canine Genome!

Did You Know?? The canine genome contains approximately 19,000 genes! Spread across 39 pairs of chromosomes! Preserve your dog's unique DNA today! With Gemini Genetics - UK pet genetic preservation & cloning! Want to know what its like to own a cloned dog? Like and follow our Instagram page…

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pet loss grief

Pet Loss. An Underappreciated Grief

Pet Loss. An Underappreciated Grief? At Gemini Genetics, we fully understand the impact of losing a much-loved animal companion. The grief felt can be comparable to the loss of a human family member and needs time, help, support and comfort to allow for progression through the necessary stages of grief,…

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