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pet cloning definition

What Is Pet Cloning?

What Is Pet Cloning? The word "cloning" refers to a variety of procedures that may be used to create biological copies that are genetically identical to the original. A clone is a copy of a substance that shares the same genetic make-up as the original. Numerous biological components, including genes,…

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Transformation from Gem Twist to Murka’s Gem!

This incredible side by side shows just how similar Gem Twist and his clone Murka's Gem really are! Commonly referred to as the greatest showjumper of all time, Gem Twist was a world-renowned thoroughbred gelding who had a successful show jumping career between the years of 1985-1997. Bred by Frank…

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not just a dog. a clone

Not just a dog. A Cloned Dog

It’s not just a dog but a cloned dog who is loved and adored. Her beauty is absolutely unmatched Repost from Lara Gale and ViaGen Pets At Gemini Genetics , we offer pet genetic preservation services for pet cloning. UK based and starting from just £500 + VAT, our pet…

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Cloned Przewalaki's Horse

Cloned Przewalaki’s Horse

**EXCITING UPDATE** 2ND CLONED PRZEWALAKI'S HORSE!** Through the collaborative efforts of Revive & Restore, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, and our US Partners ViaGen Pets & Equine a second Przewalaki's Horse clone was born! He is the genetic twin of the world's first ever cloned Przewalski's Horse, Kurt, who was…

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Can You Clone Using Semen?

Can you clone using semen? Unfortunately, no. Cloning from any type of semen sample would not work. Each sperm cells only contains half the genetic material of the given animal. Its only when it fuses with an egg that the complete genetic set is made, and the individual can be…

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Our Sister Company, Stallion AI Services

About Us: Our Sister Company, Stallion AI Services Here at Gemini Genetics, we are a proud sister company of Stallion AI Services – providing owners of both stallions and mares with top of the range fertility services and knowledge. Stallion AI Services is one of the world leading companies specialising…

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Cell Culture at Gemini Genetics!

As well as preserving your pets’ genetics, we can also multiply the available DNA within each skin cell, ensuring the sample is viable for future cloning. Lucy, the manager here at Gemini Genetics, explains how the process of cell culture allows the DNA to multiply enabling the build-up of enough…

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Chillingham Wild Cattle – Cloning In Nature!

Can Clones Occur In Nature? Yes They Can! Introducing The Chillingham Wild Cattle! After being free from human interference for around 1000 years, this UK native breed have managed to produce naturally occurring clones. With evidence showing the cattle themselves are taking the steps to achieve this type of genetic…

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Elite Kennel Fertility

Elite Kennel Fertility – Sister Company to Gemini Genetics!

About Us: Our Sister Company, Elite Kennel Fertility! At Gemini Genetics, we are a proud sister company to Elite Kennel Fertility – an elite fertility centre for dogs, specialising in dog semen freezing, dog semen assessments, dog artificial insemination and canine fertility courses. Elite Kennel Fertility, with over 30 years…

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pet cloning

My dog has died, what can i do? 

My dog has died, what can i do? The loss of an animal companion can be one of the hardest times in life. For a lot of people, it may not be until their dog, cat or horse has passed away, that they come across the option for pet cloning.…

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