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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
Telephone 01948 668 057 or 07710 778 016
Horse Cloning

Horse Cloning – How Do I Clone My Horse?

Horse Cloning Made Safe and Simple! Pet cloning is easier than you think, in just 5 simple steps an animal with the exact same DNA as your original horse can be born. Making them full genetic twins, just born at different times! The first and most vital step is completed…

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Crufts - The World's Greatest Dog Show

Crufts – The World’s Greatest Dog Show

CRUFTS After a successful first day! Elite Kennel Fertility are truly in the swing of Crufts 2023! Make sure to go over and say hi! No matter which day you are attending this weekend, they would love to meet you and your canine companions! Elite Kennel Fertility - Sister company…

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Natures safe natural history museum

Nature’s SAFE Natural History Museum

Congratulations Nature's SAFE! A hugely successful evening at the Natural History Museum for our associated charity, Nature's SAFE. All money raised going directly to help Save Animals From Extinction! #savinganimals #extinction #naturalhistorymuseum #nature #success #Congratulations #savingspecies #BiodiversityLoss #charity

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Clone your cat

Can I Clone My Cat?

Can I Clone My Cat? Yes you can! Your cat cloning journey can start with us here at Gemini Genetics! The UK’s first dedicated domestic animal genetic preservation company – partnered with world leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets. We understand that pets are an amazing addition to any family,…

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Pet genetic preservation

Cryopreservation – indefinite storage of your animals DNA

Whether you’re unfortunately going through a time of loss, or you’re just wanting to plan for the future, Gemini Genetics is here to help! By sending us just a small tissue sample from your beloved animal, Gemini Genetics can indefinitely store their DNA! Which can then be used in regenerative…

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Natures SAFE

Nature’s SAFE – Preserving Our Animals Future!

We at Gemini Genetics are a proud sister company of the charity Nature's SAFE, helping them in their mission Save Animals From Extinction! Using adapted methods from domestic animal cryopreservation from Gemini Genetics, Natures SAFE is able to preserve wild and endangered species tissue samples for future regenerative technologies. Creating…

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