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Genetic Preservation &
Animal Cloning for the Future

Animal and Pet Cloning

Launched in 2018, Gemini Genetics is one of the UK’s first animal tissue banks. Working with US based and world leading cloning company Viagen, we offer tissue / cell preservation services for genetic banking purposes, including animal cloning .

How Pet Cloning Works

Genetic Preservation—Safe & Simple Process

From a minimum of three skin biopsies taken after death of an animal, the tissue sample is sterilised and sectioned before preserving and freezing in liquid nitrogen; a process that permits indefinite preservation of the animal’s DNA. In the event a breed/species should be near extinction or a valued animal passes away, the preserved tissue can be despatched to the USA for cloning to permit breed regeneration and recall of lost genetics. Even if not used for this purpose, the preserved DNA acts as a safety net to ensure a breed/species or the genetics of an individually valued animal are never lost.

Why Invest in Tissue Preservation?

  • DNA of the donor animal is indefinitely preserved, safeguarding the genetics of valuable animals & providing the opportunity for future cloning.
  • Permits breed/species conservation and ensures the genetics of valuable animals are never lost.
  • Enables preservation of the genetics of females and castrated males where technologies are currently limited.
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