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Gemini Genetics – Sample Shipping to ViaGen Pets & Equine

gemini genetics shipping to viagen pets

The topic of this Technical Thursday is sample shipment to ViaGen Pets.
We ship the frozen samples in tanks that are able to retain temperature, almost like a flask, however, it can maintain a temperature of around -198 degrees Celsius for up to 3 weeks! This is to make sure the cells remain asleep. An air tag is also attached so the tank can be tracked all the way to its destination.
Coming up next week: Cloning!

At Gemini Genetics , we offer pet & equine genetic preservation services for pet cloning. UK based and starting from just £500 + VAT, our pet genetic preservation service enables you to create a life long bond with your beloved canine, feline or equine companion, and to continue their legacy and memories beyond their lifespan.


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