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ViaGen Pets & Equine

Who Are ViaGen Pets & Equine?

ViaGen Pets & Equine are our world leading pet & equine cloning partner. They are definitely a real company and are world leading in pet cloning. That’s why we work with ViaGen Pets & Equine! Once pet and equine genetic samples are preserved and cultured here at Gemini Genetics, we ship the samples to ViaGen Pets & Equine for them to complete the cloning process once the owner is ready to clone.

We work with ViaGen Pets because they are world leaders in cloning the animals we love. ViaGen Pets are based in Cedar Park, Texas, USA and have thousands of happy and healthy cloned animals to their name. ViaGen Pets have over 20 years of experience in pet and equine cloning, and are now so successful, that they have even started cloning zoo species, to aid conservation & the battle against species loss.

ViaGen Pets caring team demonstrate their expertise each day, through the successful cloning of much loved animal companions. ViaGen Pets also work with dedicated and specialist veterinarians, to ensure the highest level of veterinary care and animal husbandry for cloned cats, dogs and horses. And their success is demonstrated through the thousands of cloned cats, dogs and horses they have produced over their 20 years of working within the industry. Lots of these pets & equines are now on social media for the world to see!

ViaGen Pets & Equine have a comprehensive YouTube channel and regularly updated social media platforms which demonstrate their continual successes with pet & equine cloning, and their many happy clients. The team at ViaGen Pets are also super helpful and always available to talk to, to answer any questions you may have.

This is why we at Gemini Genetics work with ViaGen Pets. Because they are world leaders ‘in cloning the animals we love’. Just google them to find out more! And checkout their FB page & Instagram #viagenpets

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