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Sir Ian Wilmut: The Scientist Behind Dolly The Sheep

Sir Ian Wilmut death

🧬Sir Ian Wilmut: Tribute to the Scientist Behind Dolly The Sheep🧬

The scientist Professor Sir Ian Wilmut was a member of the team that successfully cloned Dolly the Sheep at the University of Edinburgh. Dolly was the first successful clone of a mammal from a somatic cell (adult cell). Before Dolly, there was a way to clone an embryo, however, there was no way of cloning an adult at that point. Embryotic cells have specific genetic properties that allow them to be ready to activate any gene, however, differentiated adult cells shut down the genes they don’t need for their specific functions. It was determined that in order to clone a somatic cell it would have to be reset back to an embryotic state. Ian Wilmut along with Keith Campbell made history when they discovered that starving a cell of nutrients was an effective way of resetting the adult cell. Sir Ian Wilmut truly transformed the scientific thinking at that time, further helping future stem cell research.
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