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How Do You Clone an Animal?

How Do You Clone an Animal?
The process of cloning is actually very straightforward!
1. A skin sample is taken from the animal you wish to clone and the DNA is multiplied up in the lab.
2. An egg cell is taken from a donor animal of the same species and its genetic material is removed.
3. The DNA of the animal to be cloned is inserted into the enucleated egg cell.
4. An electrical impulse is applied to the egg that mimics the same stimulus as egg and sperm cell fusion. in this way, the egg cell thinks it has been fertilised and, using the inserted DNA of the animal to be cloned, the egg cell begins to grow and divide as in a sperm and egg cell conception.
5. The developing conceptus is transferred into a surrogate mum who carries the cloned animal to term and looks after the clone as their parent animal until they are ready for weaning.
Did you know that cloning is now available via UK based genetic preservation company, Gemini Genetics and their partner US company, ViaGen Pets !?! Learn more via our website!
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