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Elite Kennel Fertility

Elite Kennel Fertility – Sister Company to Gemini Genetics!

About Us: Our Sister Company, Elite Kennel Fertility!

At Gemini Genetics, we are a proud sister company to Elite Kennel Fertility – an elite fertility centre for dogs, specialising in dog semen freezing, dog semen assessments, dog artificial insemination and canine fertility courses.

Elite Kennel Fertility, with over 30 years of experience in canine reproduction techniques, are one of the leading companies in the UK to assist with dog breeding and dog fertility. With a state-of-the-art laboratory, on centre canine reproduction veterinarians and the latest technologies in dog semen assessment, there is a large array of canine fertility services that Elite Kennel Fertility offer, which may be complementary to dog owners considering genetic preservation with Gemini Genetics.

Elite Kennel Fertility canine reproduction services include dog semen collection and dog semen freezing, in addition to canine semen assessments to determine the quality of your stud dog’s semen. Additional dog fertility testing in the form of progesterone testing and ovulation cytology can also be carried out for breeding bitches. Which then accurately determines when the best time is for your bitch to be artificially inseminated.

What Other Services do Elite Kennel Fertility Offer?

In addition to dog semen freezing, dog semen processing and dog semen assessment, Elite Kennel Fertility also run a number of canine fertility courses. Their dog fertility courses are a great way to learn more about dog artificial insemination and dog semen processing and assessment.

With vast cryogenic storage systems, Elite Kennel Fertility are also a reliable and state of the art dog semen bank / dog sperm bank – comparable to Gemini Genetics with safe storage for our preserved genetic samples for canine cloning.

They also supply canine reproduction kits such as canine cytology kits, and also a dog fertility supplement which aims to improve dog semen quality for fresh, chilled and frozen dog artificial insemination.

Visit the Elite Kennel Fertility website for more information on the NAF 5* canine fertility supplement.

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And much, much more ….

Visit the Elite Kennel Fertility website for further information on dog artificial insemination.

Elite Kennel Fertility – Sister company to our team here at Gemini Genetics – UK pet & equine genetic preservation for cloning.

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