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How Do I Clone My Pet? Pet Cloning UK!

Cloning your dog How do i clone my dog? Can i clone my dog? Can i clone my dog in the UK? Dog cloning advice!
If you are thinking of genetically preserving or cloning your dog, there are 3 things you need to make sure you do!
When submitting a sample to Gemini Genetics
1. Skin is the best tissue type to use. Its naturally regenerative and contains the full set of living DNA.
2. Make sure the sample gets to us within 5 days. The DNA may not be viable after this timeframe.
3. Keep the sample chilled and NOT FROZEN. Freezing damages, the structural integrity of the DNA.
By following these steps, you have the best chance of the DNA you send being used to create a new individual, genetically identical to your original dog!
Learn more about the process of genetic preservation and cloning at Gemini Genetics
Did you know, we are based in the UK? And offer a world leading service and cloning partnership, in association with our US partner ViaGen Pets!
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