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Can I Clone My Dog in the UK?

Can I clone my dog?Yes! Via Gemini Genetics, dog owners (plus cat and equine owners!), now have a safe and secure route to accessing the world leading pet cloning technologies of ViaGen Pets & Equine! Once your dog’s genetics are safely preserved by Gemini Genetics, your samples can then be stored here in the UK until you are ready to clone your dog. Or, alternatively, we can ship straight to ViaGen Pets & Equine once the time critical genetic preservation has been performed.

Do you know? Pet tissue samples must be received within 5 days of your pet passing away, in order for the genetics to be effectively preserved for pet cloning! Our dedicated and state of the art UK facility permits this time critical genetic preservation stage! So enabling UK (and European!) dog owners to access dog cloning, as well as cat and horse owners!

Important Note: When your pet passes away, ensure his / her body is kept refrigerated and not frozen. Freezing of the body seriously damages the DNA. So be sure to tell your vet that these storage requirements will be needed.

Can i clone my dog? Yes you can! With Gemini Genetics and ViaGen Pets & Equine!

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