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 Sending Samples To Our Partner ViaGen Pets! 

 Sending Samples To Our Partner ViaGen Pets! 
At Gemini genetic we are a proud partner of ViaGen Pets and Equine!
ViaGen Pets and Equine are the world leader in animal cloning! Based in the US, ViaGen have multiple success stories from wild to domestic animals, and so in their capable hands your beloved pets DNA is ready to undergo the cloning process!
Fresh tissue samples are submitted to Gemini Genetics for the time critical genetic preservation and cell culture. The preserved and cultured genetic resources can then remain in storage with Gemini Genetics until you are ready to clone.
Once ready, we can safely ship the samples to ViaGen Pets & Equine for cloning. Which is available upon request.
Find out more about genetic preservation and cell culture at Gemini Genetics -
Find out more about animal cloning at ViaGen Pets –
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