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Dog Breed Extinction! The Smooth Collie!

Canine Rare BreedsDog Breed Extinction! The Smooth Collie!
The elegant and hardworking breed know as the Smooth Collie, according to The Kennel Club, sadly dwindled down to just 90 registrations in 2021.
Originally bred to be ‘sheep dogs’ throughout Scotland, this active breed is known for their intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. Today, you can witness them performing in Crufts, regularly taking part in agility, heelwork to music, and flyball.
This is all in addition to being known to work as therapy and assistance dogs, or even being involved in search and rescue! Don’t let this wonderfully versatile breed be lost!
Keep up to date with Gemini Genetics and Elite Kennel fertility as we continue our series on canine rare breeds. Learn about the impacts this is having and what technologies are becoming available to help save these breeds in the future.
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