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How Similar Will the Clone Be to My Pet?

How similar are clones?Your pets clone will have the exact same genetics as your original pet. The clone will therefore have the same genetic coding to result in the same appearance and temperament as your original pet. The clone will literally be the closest possible genetic replica of your original pet, as they will both have exactly the same DNA! They are essentially twins that are born at different points in time.

In terms of appearance, there are some markings that can be slightly changed by environmental factors. Embryo temperature at the point of conception, for example, can result in slight differences in the markings of pets that are not of solid colour.

Look, for example, at this picture of Bruce Wayne and his clones! All of his clones share exactly the same DNA as each other and Bruce Wayne, and all carry his same full of life and vibrant personality! But they have slight differences in the size of the white stripe down their face. And this is because of the small influence that the environment can have on the appearance of colour genetics.

For pets of solid colour, the same appearance can be expected. And for pets of any colour, their clones are always the closest possible replica of the original pet, even if small differences in appearance of some markings are seen, as they share exactly the same DNA as the original!



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