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Can i clone my pet using hair or teeth?

Pet Cloning. Can I Clone My Pet? Can i clone my pet using hair or teeth? Can i clone my dog from hair and teeth? Can i clone my cat using hair and teeth?
Unfortunately, no. Cloning your pet from either hair or teeth is not a possibility. This is due to the DNA needing to be in a living state in order to be viable for regenerate processes, such as cell culture and cloning.
So, as the DNA present within skin or hair is not in this state, the genetic material will not be viable as there are no living cells that can be cultured to be able to replicate the DNA enough to create a new cloned individual.
This is why at Gemini Genetics we use skin tissue. Skin is a living and naturally regenerative source of genetic material, providing the best change at successful DNA replication to enable later cloning.
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