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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
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How Similar will the Clone Be to My Pet?

Your pets clone will have the exact same genetics as your original pet. The clone will therefore have the same genetic coding to result in the same appearance and temperament as your original pet. The clone will literally be the closest possible genetic replica of your original pet, as they will both have exactly the same DNA! They are essentially twins that are born at different points in time. In terms of appearance, there are some markings that can be slightly changed by environmental factors. Embryo temperature at the point of conception, for example, can result in slight differences in…

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Rare Breed Owner?

Preservation of the UK’s rare and endangered equine breeds is a significant component of Gemini Genetics. Tissue banking and cloning provides an effective way of preserving population genetics and reintroducing genetic diversity to closed populations, without the need for cross breeding. Preserved tissue samples may also be capable of future modification to sperm and egg producing cells, so enabling active breeding schemes in addition to bringing back individuals from previous generations.

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Breeding from geldings

Stallion Murka’s Gem – Equine Performance Cloning in Action!

At our sister company, Stallion AI Services, they are proud to stand Murka’s Gem; a stallion clone of the legendary show jumping gelding, Gem Twist. With innate jumping ability, scope and shape, Murka’s Gem encapsulates the benefits and application of equine cloning. Holding an identical genetic profile to gelding Gem Twist, Murka’s Gem has the genetic basis to achieve the success of his originator. And his offspring are now successfully entering the competition circuit. With Gem Twist being a gelding with no natural offspring and now deceased, Murka’s Gem also provides owners with access to elite and proven genetics that…

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