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How does dog cloning work?

how does dog cloning workHow does dog cloning work?
Dog cloning, pet cloning and horse cloning is easier than you think, in just 5 simple steps an animal with the exact same DNA as your original dog can be born. i.e your dogs clone! Making them full genetic twins, just born at different times! #dog cloning!
The first and most vital step in dog cloning, cat cloning and horse cloning, is completed safely here with us at Gemini Genetics in the UK. All that is needed to start the cloning process is a small skin sample from your dog (cat or horse!) within a 5 day window, and their DNA can be preserved! For future cloning!
The secured DNA is then multiplied up via a cell culture, and the viable cells are shipped to our US cloning partner – world leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets – for steps 2-4 to then take place.
The cloned dog can then be born in as little as a year!
Learn more about animal genetic preservation and dog cloning, cat cloning & horse cloning at Gemini Genetics here –
Visit our US partners ViaGen Pets & Equine for more on steps 2 -4 –
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