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Can Gemini Genetics clone a dog?

can Gemini Genetics clone a dogCan Gemini Genetics clone a dog?

Gemini Genetics can help clone your dog, clone your cat, or clone your horse! We offer a world-leading genetic preservation and cell culture service, – the first stages of pet cloning! And we work in association with leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets & Equine .

All that is needed to clone your cat, clone your dog or clone your horse is a small skin sample from your animal, and we can indefinitely preserve their DNA! Ready for future pet cloning. Then, when the owner is ready, we will ship your animals DNA to ViaGen Pets & Equine for the cloning process to be completed.

We even have our own cloned dog here on centre! And a cloned stallion called Murka’s Gem! Our cloned dog Gem (short for Gemini) is a lovely cocker spaniel that started her life here with Gemini Genetics Manager Lucy! When a small skin sample taken from her original was sent into us, meaning she is a full genetic twin to the original dog! This beautiful little cloned dog is happy, healthy, and loves to meet everyone that comes to visit us here! Our cloned dog Gem now has her own Instagram page – follow her here and get to know our special cloned dog!

Our cloned horse Gem is a very popular international breeding stallion, with semen shipped all over the world via our sister company, Stallion AI Services. See and learn more about cloned horse Gem here-

Contact us today for more information on dog cloning, cat cloning, and horse cloning!

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