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How Do I Clone My Pet?

What samples do you need to clone an animal? What Samples Are Needed? How do i prepare a skin sample?
The best tissue to use is skin!
We use skin because skin cells like to regenerate, and they regenerate quickly, which is important when we are wanting to create new life! In post-mortem situations, we ask for a snip of ear tissue and 1 x 6mm biopsy punch from the chest, neck and inner thigh. This is due to only having one opportunity to bank your pets genetics.
Samples must arrive within 5 days and must be kept chilled and not frozen.
In a post-mortem situation, following your animals passing and ahead of the sample taking. It is therefore important to inform your vets if you are thinking of preserving your pet’s genetics, so they can ensure the correct conditions upon their passing. Freezing of the skin tissue prior to submission notably reduces the viability of the tissue.
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