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Can I Clone My Horse?

Can I clone my horse?

Cloning is the process by which an appropriate sample of tissue taken from a desired animal, termed the donor, is used to create a genetically identical copy of the animal from which the sample was taken. Just as the techniques are applicable to and used for tissue preservation and cloning in a range of species, for horses, this provides the ability to create the best living copy of your beloved companion. Following the cloning of horses in 2003, the first cloning events of cats and then dogs occurred in the two years to follow.

Whilst cloning is the main objective, once the tissue collection is performed, if you are not fully decided on choosing to proceed with the cloning process, samples can be stored indefinitely for future use, providing you with the time to consider your options. Further, even should you never decide to continue with the option of cloning, you can rest assured that the genetic profile of your pet has been secured, preserved, and hence a part of your pet has been protected for the future.






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