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Equine Performance Cloning In Action!

Equine performance cloningMeet stallion Murka’s Gem! Based here in the UK and at our sister company, Stallion AI Services, Murka’s Gem is no ordinary stallion!! He is in fact a clone and a clone of a gelding and international showjumper, Gem Twist!
We are now at an amazing stage where Murka’s Gem’s offspring are beginning their professional ridden careers! And while still at very young ages, they are already producing fantastic and hugely exciting results!
Demonstrating the application of cloning to performance equine breeding- bringing back proven genetics of the past for continued use and influence within the equine performance and breeding industry !
Very excited to follow his offspring through their lives and careers!
Learn more about genetic preservation and cloning here! and via our partner, ViaGen Pets & Equine!
Gemini Genetics in association with ViaGen Pets!
Proud sister company to Stallion AI Services and Elite Kennel Fertility! And supporter of charity Nature’s SAFE!
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