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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
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Canine Rare Breeds

Dog Breed Extinction! The Smooth Collie!

Dog Breed Extinction! The Smooth Collie! The elegant and hardworking breed know as the Smooth Collie, according to The Kennel Club, sadly dwindled down to just 90 registrations in 2021. Originally bred to be ‘sheep dogs’ throughout Scotland, this active breed is known for their intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. Today,…

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Happy National Family Day. Animal Families

National Family Day! Happy National Family Day

Happy National Family Day! At Gemini Genetics we understand how special the bond of family is, especially with those special animals in your life. Many of us grow, laugh, and cry with them. We love them, pets are a part of the family. So, we understand how difficult it can…

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Nature’s SAFE – Saving Animals From Extinction

At Gemini Genetics we are committed to helping Nature's SAFE in their mission to Save Animals From Extinction! Making sure the future of our planets biodiversity is safe. Find out more about what Nature's SAFE are achieving, and what the future looks like with our help! Nature's SAFE - Saving…

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Rare Breed Dog Day

Dog Breed Extinction! The Bloodhound

                                                                   Dog Breed Extinction! The Bloodhound According to The Kennel Club, in 2021 the Bloodhound had the lowest…

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 Sending Samples To Our Partner ViaGen Pets! 

 Sending Samples To Our Partner ViaGen Pets!    At Gemini genetic we are a proud partner of ViaGen Pets and Equine!   ViaGen Pets and Equine are the world leader in animal cloning! Based in the US, ViaGen have multiple success stories from wild to domestic animals, and so in…

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How Do I Clone My Pet?

What samples do you need to clone an animal? What Samples Are Needed? How do i prepare a skin sample? The best tissue to use is skin!   We use skin because skin cells like to regenerate, and they regenerate quickly, which is important when we are wanting to create…

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Sample Collection Service!

Sample Collection Service! At Gemini Genetics it doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, our services can come to you! We understand that many people who come to us are in the middle of a difficult situation, and so, we at Gemini Genetics would like to ease your struggle.…

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rare breed dogs

Rare Breed Dogs. Our Canine Rare Breeds Need Us!

Rare Breed Dogs. Our Canine Rare Breeds Need Us! Did you know that according to The Kennel Club there are at least 28 UK native dog breeds that have become vulnerable to extinction! Don’t let our beloved canine companions be lost forever, our dogs need us! Gemini Genetics and Elite…

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Can You Clone Using Semen?

Can you clone using semen? Unfortunately, no. Cloning from any type of semen sample would not work. Each sperm cells only contains half the genetic material of the given animal. Its only when it fuses with an egg that the complete genetic set is made, and the individual can be…

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