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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
Telephone 01948 668 057
One Month To Go!

One Month to Go!

One month to go until the big day!! Why not give the gift of genetic preservation this year?? Our genetic preservation service facilities the indefinite preservation of pet DNA, preserving the chance and facilitating the option of pet cloning! Learn more here! We also now work with 2 amazing pet artists, allowing you to create a beautiful, visual memory of your pets! Learn more here!! Gemini Genetics in association with ViaGen Pets! #onemonthtogo #Christmas #christmas2021 #christmasiscoming #christmasgifts #christmastree #christmasdecor #xmas #xmas2021 #xmastime #xmasiscoming #xmasgiftidea #santa #santaiscoming #petowners #petgifts #cats #dogs #horses #forpets #petsatchristmas #lastinglove #love #animalfamilies #petsarefamily…

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Pet artist

Hazel Dawn Illustrations!

Introducing our second pet artist - Hazel Dawn Illustrations! Hazel works with a bold, pop art design to create a beautiful, colourful and happy memory of your pets. Learn more here! & Thank you to all those who responded to our artist posts! We now have 2 great artists on board, and look forward to helping you create a beautiful and lasting visual memory of your animals! Gemini Genetics in association with ViaGen Pets! Learn more here! #petart #petartist #cats #dogs #horses #lastinglove #memories #petportrait #petportraitsuk #petartwork #art #love #dogart #dogartwork #dogartists #catart #catartist #catartwork #animalfamilies #illustration…

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Emergency contact line

New Emergency Out Of Hours Line!!

Need emergency, out of hours help and advice with pet genetic preservation?? You can now reach us here at Gemini Genetics out of hours via 07710 778 016 Via phone, email, FB messenger or WhatsApp! Please note this is an emergency line only. For general advice and information, please contact us during office hours or send an email and we will reply as soon as possible. Our website & FB page also has lots of helpful information, to assist with general enquiries. Gemini Genetics, in association with ViaGen Pets and Equine! Proud sister company to Stallion AI Services and Elite…

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Pet Artist

Excited to announce we have our first associated pet artist! Emma James Portraiture! Emma’s work is truly amazing and through our association, you can now create a beautiful and lasting visual memory of your pet, along side preserving their genetics. Please visit Emma’s Facebook page for more information and more pictures of her truly beautiful work! Contact Gemini Genetics today, for more information on pet genetic preservation. And for more info on our new association! Email: Tel: 01948 666 295 Gemini Genetics in association with ViaGen Pets Sister company to Stallion AI Services and Elite Kennel Fertility…

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Nature's SAFE

Nature’s SAFE

Do you know Gemini Genetics helps charity Nature's SAFE with the genetic preservation of rare and endangered zoo species!?! Our planet and its species, both plant and animal, face many significant challenges, that are not only present here and now, but are set to increase inline with the growing pressures of climate change, increasing human population, declining environmental resource, and increasing pollution, to name just a few! Tissue banking and genetic preservation is therefore a vital resource to help support our world’s threatened species. Gemini Genetics assists using the same technology for domestic animal genetic preservation to help secure the…

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Halloween is nearly upon us. Is your pet ready?

Whilst providing fun and games for people to enjoy, Halloween can be a scary time for pets, who don’t understand the costumes, noises, strange visitors at the door etc. Halloween is also very much associated with sweets and treats that can be very harmful to our animals. So, make sure your pet is prepared for the weekend with our top tips;     Walk dogs in the daylight – to avoid fireworks   Keep cats and dogs securely indoors at night and somewhere where they feel safe   Don’t dress up your pets – costumes prevent crucial natural behaviours and…

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Pet Artist Wanted!

At Gemini Genetics, we are looking for a selection of pet memorabilia creators and pet artists to share with our clients, to allow them to create a lasting memory of their pets. We would like a variety of styles to allow for a selection of choice. But the key component to each style will be a caring and loving depiction of our clients’ pets and a 5* customer service. Our genetic preservation service occurs following the passing of our clients’ animals. We therefore want them to have access to a loving and lasting memory and to have a positive and…

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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

The loss of a pet is one of the hardest times in life. Saying goodbye is something that we can never be fully prepared for. And no matter how much time you had together, the end will always feel like it has come too soon. Their unconditional love, ability to listen and love whenever we need them. The happy memories created and shared, the hugs, the kisses and the happiness to see you each and every day. Our pets make, enrich and fulfil our lives. At Gemini Genetics, as well offering a genetic preservation service for pets following their passing,…

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Horse cloning

Breaking News: Arko III Clone – International Show Jumping Legend Is Reborn To Continue His Worldwide Legacy!

Gemini Genetics are very excited to announce the successful birth of a clone to international show jumping legend, Arko III. Born August 2021, Arko clone is the combined efforts of Gemini Genetics, and our partner and world leader in animal cloning, ViaGen Pets and Equine. A truly remarkable moment for the equine industry, Arko’s clone will enable his legacy to continue after his sad passing earlier this year. By the world famous Argentinus, out of Unika, Arko III was the Number 1 Showjumper in Europe in 2004, 2005 and 2006. His earnings to date are over £1,2M and in addition…

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Dog cloning

How do I clone my dog?

Cloning your dog is easy with Gemini Genetics, in association with ViaGen Pets & Equine! Your veterinarian will collect a small skin tissue sample from your dog. This process is a minor procedure and in the UK, can only take place following the passing of your dog. The sample is then shipped to our centre in the UK where we can perform the time critical genetic preservation. For UK based clients, Gemini Genetics can organise for private same day collection of your dog's valuable genetic sample, for safe transit and faster processing times. Following genetic preservation at our centre, your dog's…

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