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Dog Cloning – a love that lasts forever

clone your dog valentines dayHappy Valentines Day! – Why not create a love that lasts forever, with dog cloning from Gemini Genetics.
Pets are an amazing addition to any family, so make sure to show that special animal in your life just how much you love them today!
And with genetic preservation & pet cloning from Gemini Genetics, you can create a love that lasts forever. Dog cloning at Gemini Genetics is UK based. We can clone your dog, clone your cat and clone your horse from a skin sample that we preserve before sending to our US dog cloning partner company, ViaGen Pets & Equine.
Learn more about animal genetic preservation and cloning at Gemini Genetics and keep that love alive –
Gemini Genetics – UK Dog Cloning! in association with ViaGen Pets
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