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Cloning For Conservation

cloning for conservationCloning For Conservation: A New Approach To Wild & Endangered Species Conservation
At Gemini Genetics, we are proud to be associated with ViaGen Pets who are able to use their expertise in animal cloning, not only to enable the cloning of much loved pets and equine, but to also help in the battle against species loss and the recovery of endangered species. #amazing
At Gemini Genetics, we are able to offer the 1st stages of the cat, dog and equine cloning process, here in the UK! All that is needed is a small skin sample from the pet you wish to clone, and the DNA within can be preserved from just £500 + VAT for future cloning. Contact us today for more information on our pet cloning services! UK partner of ViaGen Pets! Tel: 01948 668 057; email:
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