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Stallion AI Services Queens Award

stallion ai services queens awardCongratulations To Our Very Special Sister Company, Stallion AI Services! Queens Award for Innovation 2022
Gemini Genetics are hugely proud to share the announcement of the huge achievement of our sister company, Stallion AI Services, in being awarded the Queen’s Award for Business Innovation 2022; the MBE equivalent of the business world.
The establishment of Gemini Genetics contributed to the awarding of this highest honor to Stallion AI Services, along with the pioneering of many other ground breaking and UK first technologies, such as the birth of rare breed horses via sexed semen and of course the innovation of charity Nature’s SAFE.
Our company manager Lucy Morgan and our very own cloned dog Gem, where hugely honored to meet the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire and the High Sheriff of Shropshire and to share the day with our outstanding sister company, Stallion AI Services.
Many huge congratulations to the team at Stallion AI Services, we are so very proud and privileged to work along side you and look forward to more ground breaking achievements and innovations that are sure to come over the next few years! Congratulations!! 🥳 🥳 🥳
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