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Is dog cloning legal in the UK?

our cloned dog gemIs dog cloning legal in the UK?

Dog cloning isn’t legal in the UK, but you can preserve your dog’s DNA for dog cloning, and you can legally own a cloned dog in the UK. So you can clone your dog if you live in the UK, but the actual cloning part is currently done in another country.

So what happens here in the UK and at Gemini Genetics?

Gemini Genetics is based in the UK and is here to carry out the time-critical genetic preservation and cell culture steps of the dog cloning process. These are the first stages of the dog cloning process and can be completed here in the UK. It is important for these 2 stages of the dog cloning to be completed in the UK because these are time critical stages of the dog cloning process. If your dog passes away, you only have 5 days to submit a skin sample for cloning. It is easier, safer and quicker to ship valuable samples to our UK centre for the time critical genetic preservation & cell culture, versus trying to export, where you can risk delayed and lost transit issues.

Once we have completed the genetic preservation & cell culture stages of the dog cloning here in the UK, and once the owner tells us they are ready to ‘clone my dog’, the animals DNA will be shipped to our US partners ViaGen Pets & Equine, the world’s leading pet cloning company. For the remaining dog cloning stages to take place in the USA.

Even though cloning your dog, cloning your cat, or cloning your horse isn’t able to be done in the UK directly, you can still own a cloned dog, cloned cat, or cloned horse across the UK.

Dog, cat and horse cloning services at Gemini Genetics are here to make the cloning process safer and more accessible!

Did you know you can start the process of dog cloning for just £500 + VAT!?

Contact us today for more information! UK based and in association with world leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets & Equine.

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