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Cloning Not Just For The Rich & Famous

Cloning not just for rich and famousHere at Gemini Genetics, we are here for all pet and equine owners. To help you preserve the genetics of a much-loved animal companion, as well as elite performance and sport animals.

Cloning is not just for the rich and famous. The majority of our clients are of average income, with no claims to fame. Instead, and far more importantly, they have an incredible bond of love and companionship with their animal companions. A bond that means the lifespan of our canine and feline friends is not long enough. And as most of our canine and feline friends are castrated or neutered, when an animal companion passes away, there is often not another living relative to continue their legacy. These pet owners then and therefore look to cloning their animal companions. For a continued legacy and bond to their original pet and for many more years of companionship, memories and an unwavering love that our animal companions provide us with each and every day.

The other reasons why people clone their animals is to preserve and recreate elite genetics. Whether a top class performance equine, or a highly valued working or show dog, cloning can ensure that elite genetic sets are never lost. This is especially important if the elite individual is a female or has been castrated or neutered. In the equine world, the genetics of elite male animals can be preserved in part by semen freezing. However, for female horses, its not possible to preserve their eggs. And so once a female horse dies, it is not possible to breed any more offspring from her. Taking a skin sample from female horses is therefore the only way of continuing their genetics after their passing. The same is true for male horses who have been castrated and therefore cannot breed. The only way of capturing their genetics is vi taking a skin sample, and cloning those genetics from skin.

The other important element of cloning is that it recreates the whole genetic profile of an individual. This is important in the case of sport and performance animal. Conventional breeding of these animals will create individuals that will only have 50% of the DNA of the original animal. And there is no guarantee that 50% DNA will be the elite genes. However, with cloning from a skin sample, the whole genetic profile of the individual is captured and recreated, ensuring the continued existence of all the genetics of the original animal.

So is cloning just for the rich and famous?? Absolutely not! Cloning is here for every animal owner. and the initial genetic preservation (preserving the DNA for future cloning) starts from just £500 (+VAT if UK resident). This means that no matter your income, preserving the chance of cloning your animal companion in the future should be possible via this £500 service.


So if you have an animal that you love dearly and are interested in the prospect of continuing their legacy, contact us today for more information! Also available for elite sport and performance animals for continued presence of their elite genetic sets.

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