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Where Can I Clone My Dog?

dog cloning Where Can I Clone My Dog?

You can now clone your dog from the UK! UK dog cloning available via Gemini Genetics! At Gemini Genetics, we work in association with US based world leading pet cloning company, ViaGen Pets & Equine. At Gemini Genetics, we can perform the time critical pet & equine genetic preservation & cell culture and store the samples ready for dog cloning, cat cloning and horse cloning. Once owners are ready to clone their pets, we can ship the preserved pet cloning samples, to our pet cloning partner, who can then complete the cat cloning, dog cloning or horse cloning process.

Gemini Genetics is UK based, with expert facilities and sister company to Stallion AI Services (world leading equine semen collection & storage centre) and Elite Kennel Fertility (leading canine semen fertility clinic and fertility veterinary practice). This means we can safely and expertly preserve your pets genetics, ready for future dog cloning, cat cloning and horse cloning, from here in the UK.

Where can I clone my dog? At Gemini Genetics! – UK pet cloning, starting from just £500 (+VAT)!

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