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How Much Does It Cost To Clone My Dog?

COST TO CLONE A DOG🧬🐶How Much Does It Cost To Clone My Dog? 🐶💰
The price of dog cloning has decreased since it became available in the early 2000’s, with cloning your dog currently costing $50,000 with our partner ViaGen Pets & Equine, a world leading animal cloning company based in the United States.
However, the first time-critical stage of genetic preservation in the dog cloning process cost just £500 + VAT, with an additional cost of just £1400 + VAT for the cell culture! And for this cost you are ensuring the possibility of dog cloning in the future!
At Gemini Genetics there is no rush to go forward into the pet cloning process, once your cat, dog or horse’s DNA is preserved, it can be stored indefinitely! And with a low storage fee of just £12 a month, you can keep your beloved pets DNA safe and secure until you are ready to move forward into dog, cat or horse cloning with ViaGen Pets & Equine.
Learn more about animal genetic preservation and cloning at Gemini Genetics here –
Visit our US partners ViaGen Pets & Equine for more on pet cloning –
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