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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
Telephone 01948 668 057 or 07710 778 016

Horse Cloning Horse Breeding

Horse Cloning Horse breeding🌟🌟Horse Cloning. Just about copying genetics? Oh No! Meet this special little lady! Her dam & sire are clones! #Next Generation horse breeding! 🌟🌟
Congratulations to our partner company, ViaGen Pets, for this exciting birth. Cloning not only allows you to replicate exact elite genetics, but also allows for future breeding of proven performance animals and beyond the original’s lifespan / breeding career.
Genetic preservation, the first stage in equine cloning, is now available in the UK via Gemini Genetics. From just £500 + VAT and in association with ViaGen Pets – the world leaders in pet & equine cloning.
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