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Harness, Secure &
Re-Create Your
Horse's Potential

Performance & Companion Equines

They say a horse of a lifetime only comes once. At Gemini Genetics, we offer the technology to re-write this concept. Whether from an emotional or performance perspective, tissue preservation ensures the genetics of your treasured companion or elite performance horse are never lost. Once preserved, our partnership with world leading cloning company, ViaGen, provides owners with the opportunity to re-create their once in a lifetime equine.

Equine Cloning

Take The Guess Work Out Of Equine Breeding

For commercial and performance animal breeders, tissue banking and cloning may help take the guesswork out of breeding for traits of high heritability and ensure elite genetics are secured and passed on to future generations. In this way, it may reduce the percentage performance failure rate of each generation, whilst also enabling offspring production from valuable and top -performing geldings and genetic preservation of mares where alterative egg cell preservation techniques are currently limited.

Contact Gemini Genetics today for full information and to start the genetic preservation process.

Rare Breed Preservation

Launched in response to the plight of the critically endangered Suffolk Punch Horse, preservation of the UK’s rare and endangered equine breeds is ultimately at the heart of Gemini Genetics. Of the 14 equine breeds native to the UK, 12 are considered rare, 5 of which are now in a critical state with populations of less than 300 females. As breed numbers decrease and available breeding males and females decline, the ability to conserve by traditional breeding conservation strategies significantly reduces. Indeed, for some breeds, a state of irreversible decline may have already been reached meaning tissue preservation of the remaining population may be the only way to save these breeds from impending extinction.

Tissue Banking

We also offer tissue banking for pets and zoo animals of all types.

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For full instructions on equine genetic preservation, including sample taking and health testing requirements, please contact Gemini Genetics today.

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