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Cloned Przewalski’s horse

Cloned Przewalski’s horse

A World First!! The Moment The World’s First Cloned Przewalski’s Horse Was Born! August 6th 2020

At Gemini Genetics, we are proud to be a partner company to ViaGen Pets. This is the moment that the world’s first cloned Przewalski’s horse was born, with a domestic Quarter Horse as his surrogate. The Przewalski’s horse foal, named Kurt, is now 2 years old and holds much promise for the future of the endangered Przewalski’s horse species. Kurt is a clone of a Przewalski’s horse that lived over 30 years ago, and so Kurt now brings back much needed genetic diversity to the current Przewalski’s horse population.

This amazing world first was the combined efforts of a number of organisations, including our partner company ViaGen Pets with Kurt cloned using the same technology we use for domestic animal genetic preservation and cloning.

Amazing and rare footage of a very special moment in animal conservation and reproductive science history. Happy birthday to Kurt! World’s First Cloned Przewalski’s horse! Visit our Facebook page to see the footage.

Did you know, that at Gemini Genetics, we also work to help save species from extinction via our associated charity, Nature’s SAFE. For many species, skin cell genetic preservation, as we use for domestic animals, may prove to be vital to their long term survival.



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