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About Gemini Genetics

Established in 2018, Gemini Genetics is one of the UK’s first animal tissue banks. Working with a diverse range of species, Gemini Genetics is unique in offering regenerative genetic banking services; the latest animal breeding and conservation technology.

Our Founding – The Plight of Rare Breed Equines

At Gemini Genetics, we share our site and team with world leading equine semen collection and distribution centre, Stallion AI Services. Since 2012, the plight of rare breed equines has been one of the forefront projects of the semen collection centre and a constant motivation to provide the latest technologies to assist in their survival.

During an annual rare breed conservation conference, the idea of saving whole animal genetics, the DNA of animals currently present within the population was put forward. This laid the foundation for the establishment of Gemini Genetics- an animal tissue preservation company that offers a unique genetic preservation service.

Associated with Viagen Pets & Equine, the world leaders in animal cloning, Gemini Genetics preserves animal genetics with a view to future animal regeneration. As such and unlike other tissue banks, our genetic preservation service ensures the preservation of animal DNA in a useable and functionality retaining format, allowing its use for animal regeneration and other regenerative technologies for conservation, performance, and emotional reasons. We also work with newly established charity, Nature’s SAFE, performing genetic preservation for zoo and wild animals to help preserve biodiversity and prevent species extinction.

Gemini Genetics: Genetic Preservation and Cloning For The Future

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