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Saying Goodbye

Saying GoodbyeThe loss of a pet is one of the hardest times in life. Saying goodbye is something that we can never be fully prepared for. And no matter how much time you had together, the end will always feel like it has come too soon. Their unconditional love, ability to listen and love whenever we need them. The happy memories created and shared, the hugs, the kisses and the happiness to see you each and every day. Our pets make, enrich and fulfil our lives. ❤️🐈🐩🐕🦮🐎❤️
At Gemini Genetics, as well offering a genetic preservation service for pets following their passing, we also offer pet loss support. 🧬❤️
One use of this service is to clone your pet. The clone would be a genetic twin to your original animal; essentially an identical twin that is born at a later time. But even if you are unsure on whether you would like to clone, the genetic preservation can be hugely helpful in your grieving process. It means that a little bit of your animal lives on. And you have the option to clone and own the closest replica to your pet in the future if/ when the opportunity arises. Our genetic preservation service is also available from just £400 + VAT, making it an accessible option for pet owners. 🐾❤️🧬❤️🐾
For more information, please contact Gemini Genetics on 01948 666 295. Email Stay up to date with latest news and support via our FB page – Gemini Genetics | Facebook
With love and best wishes to all of our clients and to anyone who has lost an animal companion. They never truly leave us. Let their memories and love live on 💔💔
And supporter of charity, Nature’s SAFE
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