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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
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Our Rare Breeds Dog Day!

Rare Breed Dog DayAre you coming to our rare breeds dog day?

Confirmed speakers:

Dr David Hughes (MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon) –Canine reproduction specialist
Dr Tullis Matson (Honorary) – Canine and equine reproduction specialist
Lucy Morgan (BSc Hons) – Animal cryopreservation and regeneration specialist
Dr Andy Dell (BSc PhD PGCE) –  Genetic analysis expert and rare breed population management
Professor Philippe Wilson, Nottingham Trent University – Professor in One Health, analytical science and biomedicine. Also specialises in genetic analysis and rare breed population management.
An educational day not to be missed – 18th March 2023 – free entry, with lunch and hospitality provided – register today!
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