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Halloween is nearly upon us. Is your pet ready?

Happy HalloweenWhilst providing fun and games for people to enjoy, Halloween can be a scary time for pets, who don’t understand the costumes, noises, strange visitors at the door etc. Halloween is also very much associated with sweets and treats that can be very harmful to our animals. So, make sure your pet is prepared for the weekend with our top tips;



  1. Walk dogs in the daylight – to avoid fireworks


  1. Keep cats and dogs securely indoors at night and somewhere where they feel safe


  1. Don’t dress up your pets – costumes prevent crucial natural behaviours and communication methods, as well as being potentially dangerous if not fitted correctly


  1. Make a safe space for your cat or dog – somewhere that they can hide and feel safe if they do become scared by outside events


  1. Hang any decorations out of reach


  1. Avoid household firework displays – communal displays that are away from housing and people’s animals are a much more considerate and safe way to enjoy fireworks


  1. Keep a lid on human treats – to avoid accidental ingestion which can make our pets very poorly


  1. Ensure any candle lit features are safely inaccessible to your cat or dog


  1. Consider a sign on the door for no ‘trick or treating’ if you feel your pet may be scared by unusual knocks on the door.


Have a happy but safe Halloween this weekend!


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