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Re-Live your Pets
Companionship &
Treasured Memories

Cats and Dogs

For many, cats and dogs become irreplaceable family members, providing companionship, love and life-enriching fulfilment, impossible to extend beyond your pet’s natural lifespan. Until now.

Working with Viagen USA, tissue freezing and banking by Gemini Genetics provides a unique opportunity to re-create and extend the unique and treasured bond between animal and owner. Even if you are undecided on proceeding to cloning of your pet in the immediate term, tissue banking ensures your pet’s genetics are secured should the option arise in the future.

Create a bond that is truly everlasting. Contact us today to find out more about the applications of pet genetic preservation.

Pet Cloning

Working & Performance Dogs

Tissue banking and cloning may arguably provide the next generation of performance and working dog breeding. For traits of high heritability, cloning can help to take the guesswork out of animal breeding and ensure elite genetics are secured and passed on to future generations. In this way, it may help to reduce the percentage performance failure rate of each generation.

As for companion animals, even if the viability of cloning is unclear in the immediate term, tissue banking ensures the genetics of a valuable animal are never lost and provides a unique opportunity for their future recall should the option arise.

Dog Cloning

We also offer tissue banking for horses and animals of all types.

Capture, secure and recreate performance

Contact Gemini Genetics today for full information and to start the genetic preservation process.

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