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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
Telephone 01948 668 057 or 07710 778 016

How Do We Preserve Pet Genetics?

At Gemini Genetics, we indefinitely preserve your pet’s genetics for future regeneration! Our Bio Veterinary science student, Ellelouise Bates, here explains how the samples, once processed via our specialised technique, are finally preserved via liquid nitrogen storage. A temperature of -196 degrees Celsius, combined with our specialised preservation process, allows…

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Gemini Genetics – UK Pet Genetic Preservation & Cloning!

⭐🎉Gemini Genetics - UK Pet Genetic Preservation & Cloning! 🎉⭐   Gemini Genetics - UK Pet Genetic Preservation & Cloning, in association with ViaGen Pets!   Learn more via our website -   Like, follow and share our Facebook page for latest news and events, including our new in…

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Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday From Gemini Genetics! After another busy week, our team may well be looking forward to a well-earned rest this weekend! But do not worry, if you need us, our out of hours emergency line is available 7 days per week – Tel: 07710 778 016. We hope you…

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Welcome To Gemini Genetics! Available Now!

⭐⭐ Welcome to Gemini Genetics!⭐⭐   Excited to announce the start of our in person, virtual 'Welcome to Gemini Genetics' series!! Where we will start to show you inside Gemini Genetics to see our amazing facilities, meet the team and most importantly, learn more about pet and equine genetic preservation…

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See you at BEVA Congress, 7-10th Sept 2022!

Gemini Genetics on Tour! – See you at BEVA Congress, 7-10th Sept 2022! Are you coming to BEVA Congress? BEVA Congress is a leading equine veterinary conference for equine vets, which draws together the latest expertise from around the world in matters of equine health and equine veterinary sciences. An…

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Gemini Genetics Live! With Stallion AI Services!

Gemini Genetics live on our sister company Facebook Live session last Friday! Stallion AI Services! Thank you to Stallion AI Services for talking to our company manager and visiting our lab, happy to show you inside our company and to tell you more about equine and pet genetic preservation &…

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Elite Kennel Fertility – Sister Company to Gemini Genetics!

About Us: Our Sister Company, Elite Kennel Fertility! At Gemini Genetics, we are a proud sister company to Elite Kennel Fertility – an elite fertility centre for dogs, specialising in dog semen freezing, dog semen assessments, dog artificial insemination and canine fertility courses! Elite Kennel Fertility, with over 30…

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My dog has died, what can i do? 

My dog has died, what can i do?  The loss of an animal companion can be one of the hardest times in life. For a lot of people, it may not be until their dog, cat or horse has passed away, that they come across the option for pet cloning.…

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Cloned Przewalski’s horse

🌟🌟A World First!! The Moment The World's First Cloned Przewalski's Horse Was Born! August 6th 2020🌟🌟   At Gemini Genetics, we are proud to be a partner company to ViaGen Pets! This is the moment that the world's first cloned Przewalski's horse was born, with a domestic Quarter Horse as…

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