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Canine Rare Breeds; The Extinction Vortex 

Extinction VortexCanine Rare Breeds; The Extinction Vortex 
As rare dog breed populations sadly continue to decline, one of the consequences may be an extinction vortex.
An extinction vortex happens as a particular population continues to decline to the point there is an irreversible loss in genetic diversity throughout the entire breed…
This loss in DNA then results in an increased amount of dogs breeding that are to genetically similar to one another, further leading to heightened hereditary diseases and mutations, leaving the population unstable and vulnerable to extinction!
We therefore need to act NOW to secure the future of our declining dog breeds, to prevent their irreversible loss.
Our Dog Breeds Need Us!!
Keep up to date with Gemini Genetics and Elite Kennel fertility to be able to better understand more about the impacts of these issues while learning which technologies are becoming available to help save these breeds in the future.
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