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Animal Cloning and Genetic Banking Service
Telephone 01948 668 057 or 07710 778 016

About Us! Gemini Genetics, Elite Kennel Fertility, Stallion AI Services, ViaGen Pets, Nature’s SAFE and much more!!

Did you know, Gemini Genetics is part of a much wider team!
Our Sister & Founding Company – Stallion AI Services
Stallion AI Services is a world leading company in equine fertility, providing owners of both stallions and mares with top of the range fertility services and knowledge.
With a state-of-the-art laboratory and the latest technologies in horse semen assessment, there is a large array of equine fertility services that Stallion AI offer, which may be complementary to any horse owners considering genetic preservation with Gemini Genetics.
Learn more about the equine fertility services Stallion AI Services have to offer –
Our sister company – Elite Kennel Fertility
Elite Kennel Fertility are a leading centre for dog fertility services, enabling the best possible chance for that happy and healthy litter of puppies!
Sharing their space with Stallion AI Services, Elite Kennel also have access to an amazing laboratory, coupled with almost 30 years of experience in canine reproductive technologies, and on-site veterinarians, there is a large array of canine fertility services that Elite Kennel Fertility offer. Which may be used in connection with dog owners considering genetic preservation with Gemini Genetics.
Learn more about the canine fertility services offered by Elite Kennel Fertility –
Our Sister Charity – Nature’s SAFE
Nature’ SAFE is a growing charity with the mission to Save Animals From Extinction!
By using adapted methods of biobanking from domestic animal cryopreservation by Gemini Genetics, Nature’s SAFE is able to preserve the DNA of both wild and endangered species of all kinds! Enabling the possible restoration of many of our beloved but endangered animals.
Learn more about how the mission to safe the worlds species is progressing at –
Our US Partner – ViaGen Pets & Equine
ViaGen Pets & Equine is the US leader in animal cloning, having recently cloned both the world’s first Black Footed Ferret and Przewalski’s Horse, bringing back invaluable genetic diversity to these rare breeds!
So, once your animals DNA have been preserved and successfully cultured here at Gemini Genetics, the samples will be sent to the US to be in the capable hands of ViaGen Pets who will produce the clone of your beloved pet.
Learn more about cloning with our UA partner –
Gemini Genetics – offering domestic animal genetic preservation from all over the world!
Don’t forget to pay your respects to our animal loving Queen Elizabeth, Rest In Peace 💔
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